Food Trucks 101

Confused about how the Montreal food truck system works? Don’t worry, we were too. Here’s all the info you need to know about Montreal street food:

  • There are a total of 40 or so Montreal food trucks available (as of June 2013)
  • There are 2 groups of food trucks:
  1. Group I: 27 vendors that have been approved by the city to park in 9 designated areas
  2. Group II: all other food trucks that can be found scattered around the city, usually in the Old Port or at other festivals / events. (Unfortunately, not enough info at this time so they’re not included in the main schedule / information below – unless specified)

Available from: June 20 – September 29, 2013; 7 days a week

Times you can find a food truck:

  • 7am – 10am
  • 11pm – 2:30 pm (best time to find a food truck)
  • 5pm – 10pm

What vendors are available today and where will they be? Check out a daily schedule of vendors by time and location on the ARRQ website. You can also visit for a current / live map of available vendors (red markers are those that are currently open).

Payment options: the vast majority are cash-only with only a few accepting debit / credit. From experience, bring cash just in case (even for trucks that claim to accept credit cards).


WHERE YOU CAN FIND A FOODTRUCK: 9 designated locations (view all on map)

  1. Mont-Royal Park (Angel Statue)
Mont Royal Park Location

Mont Royal Park Location

Go to: Parc Ave. (west side) near Sir George-Étienne-Cartier monument (main angel statue) – between Duluth Ave and Mont-Royal Ave.

# of trucks parked at a time: up to 2

  1. Mont-Royal Park (Kondiaronk lookout)
Mont Royal Park - Kondiaronk Lookout

Mont Royal Park – Kondiaronk Lookout

Go to: the top of the mountain (lookout point); trucks will be parked on the road behind the main building.

# of trucks parked at a time: up to 2

  1. McTavish St. (near McGill University)
McTavish Location

McTavish Location

Go to: McTavish St. (east side) just north of Sherbrooke St.

# of trucks parked at a time: 1

  1. Victoria St. (near McCord Museum)
Victoria St Location

Victoria St Location

Go to: Victoria St. (east side) between President-Kennedy Ave. and Sherbrooke St.

# of trucks parked at a time: 1

  1. Place Émilie-Gamelin*
Place Émilie-Gamelin Location

Place Émilie-Gamelin Location

Go to: Place Émilie-Gamelin

# of trucks parked at a time: up to 3

*The daily schedule for this location is not available on the ARRQ website. You can find trucks here Monday – Friday, 11am – 2pm. 7 trucks rotate at this location (includes trucks from Group I & II). Schedule and truck list can be found here.

  1. Place du Canada (near Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde)
Place du Canada Location

Place du Canada Location

Go to: Cathedral St. (west side) just south of René Lévesque Blvd. W

# of trucks parked at a time: up to 2

  1. Square Victoria (near the Jean Coutu)*
Square Victoria Location

Square Victoria Location

Go to: St. Jacques St. (north side) just west of Gauvin St.

# of trucks parked at a time: up to 2

*the general map shows the wrong location! We couldn’t find the trucks (according to the map) the first time we tried.

  1. Peel St. (near ETS campus)
Peel St Location

Peel St Location

Go to: Peel St. (east side) just north of Notre Dame St. W

# of trucks parked at a time: up to 2

  1. Cité du multimedia
Cité du multimedia Location

Cité du multimedia Location

Go to: de la Commune St. and Mill St.

# of trucks parked at a time: up to 2



Olympic Stadium “First Fridays” – of every month

Olympic Stadium First Friday Food Trucks

Olympic Stadium First Friday Event

Where: Esplanade Financière Sun Life du Parc olympique, Secteur 800 / 900

When: May – October 2013

The first Friday of every month, around 20 or so food trucks gather at the Olypmic Stadium from 4pm – 10pm. A live DJ entertains the crowd while hundreds (maybe thousands) of people gather to check out the food trucks and taste their delightful creations.

Word of advice: Get there early. Line ups can take anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes, depending on the crowd. Many trucks sell out of food so late stragglers will have limited options to choose from.

Bouffons Montreal

Where: Rue de Bleury, Maisonneuve, Balmoral St (view on map)

When: July 13 – 27, 2013; Daily 12 noon – 11pm

Last year, this event was referred to as the “food souk” and held in conjunction with the Just for Laughs festival. Food truck favorites (like Grumman ’78WinneburgerLa Mangeoire, among others), gathered along St Catherines Street to serve hungry festival goers. With a new name and larger location in 2013, food trucks will be parked along Bleury, Maisonneuve, and Balmoral St for those looking to get a taste of Montreal’s street food movement. To view a list of food trucks scheduled to attend, check out the Just for Laughs website here.

Omnivore Festival

Where: TBA (could not find details specific to food truck locations)

When: August 14 – 19, 2013

Montreal food trucks will be roaming around during this culinary world tour event. Details as to the exact location / hours could not be found on the festival website. If I can find details I will certainly update.

Cinéma Beaubien dans les Parcs

Cinéma Beaubien dans les Parcs


Where: Park changes weekly, see full schedule.

When: every Tuesday at 9pm from July 16 – Aug 13, 2013

Free movies in the park will be shown around Montreal this summer and several food trucks are planned to park at these events. Check out the Cinéma Beaubien website for more details of movies / locations.

L’autre Marché Angus, Rosemont

L’autre Marché Angus


Where: 2600 rue William Tremblay

When: every Thursday from June 20 – Sept 26, 2013; 3pm – 7pm

Three trucks will be available on location every Thursday until September.

Lunch on Lachine Canal*

Where: Commune St. and Mill St. (part of the 9 designated areas), Peel Basin (Griffintown), Îlot des écluses, and Îlot de Charlevoix

When: Daily from 11:30am – 2:30pm

Trucks are parked around the Lachine Canal during lunch time every day of the week to serve hungry food lovers.

*I think this may be cancelled. According to the ARRQ calendar, the last day scheduled is July 11th. Will update when more info becomes available.

Old Port

Old Port Food Trucks


Where: Old Port – along Promenade due Vieux-Port

When: May – Oct 2013

You’ll find food trucks here (Group II): Monsieur Felix, Muvbox, and Porchetta. Dic Ann’s has been newly added and will also be parked here serving food.

More info:

Hope this helps clear up any confusion for those looking to dine on some tasty treats. I’ll be adding updates as often as possible.



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