With the pilot project for Montreal food trucks underway, we were eager to get out there and try the long-awaited street food this city has to offer. While other websites offer locations and updates on food trucks around town, we found the information was at times hard to find, unreliable, and incomplete. We wanted to know exactly what type of food each vendor had to offer, where they would be and at what time, and whether or not they were worth checking out.

Mtlstreetfood.com is your single source for information on street food in Montreal. We want to make it easy for the rest of you folks to simply enjoy the food. We’ve compiled as much information as we could on vendor menus, schedules / locations, and food truck reviews.

The reviews on this site are meant to provide some assistance to the street food lovers roaming around Montreal in search of good food. We have no affiliation to the food truck industry, heck, we don’t even personally know any of the vendors. Some may argue we have no credentials whatsoever to be making judgment calls on what is considered to be “good” or “bad” food. Have a difference of opinion? Let’s hear it!

We’re not executive chefs, cooks, or even hardcore foodies – just regular people who enjoy a good tasty meal.

– Allison & Mark