Le Super Truck Food Truck Review

Overall rating: 4.4/5

We ventured off to Place du Canada’s food truck area to check out Le Super Truck and Alexis Le Gourmand. I’ve seen many people posting on Twitter and Instagram, pictures and comments about how great the food is at Le Super Truck, so I was eager to try them first. I wanted to know if their food tasted as awesome as their vehicle looked.

Le Super Truck Food Truck

Le Super Truck Food Truck at Place du Canada

We arrived a little after prime dinner-time, so the line up was fairly short. Their menu was simple – 3 items – and all sounded delicious. I decided to order the Super Sandwich and the Fried Macaroni Sticks.

Le Super Truck Menu

Le Super Truck Menu

Just as I finished ordering, a camera man and crew walked up to me and immediately started asking me questions. I was a little caught off guard, not knowing what this was for, or who these people were! They started asking me about my opinion on Montreal’s food trucks, if I had sampled a variety of them, and whether or not I thought the food was any good. While all this was happening, I look at Allison who’s standing in line to order from Alexis Le Gourmand, taking pictures of me and having a good chuckle. Once I was done answering questions awkwardly, it was time to find somewhere to sit and devour my meal.*

Le Super Truck Interview

Le Super Truck Interview with Bell Media

The Fried Macaroni Sticks ($5) were somewhat of a surprise for me since I actually didn’t know there was macaroni in there when I ordered it (guess I was just too excited and hungry to check). They had a crispy, breaded, perfectly golden-fried exterior that looked absolutely delicious. On the inside, was a sharp Gruyere cheese from Chaput Fromagerie and pasta that looked like it could have been macaroni or penne (again, ate them too fast to fully inspect). A smoked eggplant yogurt dip accompanied the fries which cut the sharpness of the Gruyere and added another level of technical flavors to this already amazing dish.

Le Super Truck Fried Macaroni Sticks

Le Super Truck Fried Macaroni Sticks

Once we were done with the Mac & Cheese fries, I unwrapped the Super Sandwich ($9) which I immediately proclaimed to be “the greatest sandwich I’ve ever put in my mouth“. A strong claim, yes I know, however its 100% justified and I encourage everyone to immediately cancel whatever lunch/dinner plans you have and find Super Truck now!

I would run after Super Truck if I saw it on the street to order another one of these chicken sandwiches.

What I had in my hands was a truly amazing creation from Super Truck’s super hero Chef. The Super Sandwich features incredibly moist pieces of grilled chicken thighs that are so tender you barely need to chew. The sandwich comes with lettuce, bacon (mmmmm Bacon), and a spicy mayo that kicked my taste buds square in the face. The bun was soft and slightly sweet, and was the perfect density to add the necessary texture to it’s tender contents. My only complaint is that I wish it was triple its size, which isn’t a fair complaint and I’m just being greedy.

Le Super Truck Super Sandwich

Le Super Truck Super Sandwich

I’ll go out on a limb right now and say that the Super Sandwich is currently the reigning champ of chicken sandwiches in Montreal right now. I believe i’m pretty well versed in Montreal Chicken (Portugalia & Romados are faves) and i’m sticking to my guns here: You need to try this sandwich!

In conclusion: If someone would ask me to recommend one truck right now that represents everything positive about the growing MTL street food scene, I would suggest trying Super Truck. Their dishes are delicious and creative while still being accessible for the non-adventurous. The ingredients used are obviously fresh and of high-quality. If you’re showing up hungry, I would recommend either getting the Super Sandwich and the Fried Macaroni Sticks, or just do yourself a favor and grab 2 Super Sandwiches. They’re that good.

Price: $$
Taste: 4.5/5
Food quality: 4.5/5
Creativity: 4.25/5
Portion Size: medium
Wait Time: 5 mins
Time of day visited: 19:30


Check our our inside interview with Super Truck!

Website: http://www.supertruck.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperTruckMTL

Twitter: @SuperTruckMTL

*The television show I was interviewed for will be on a new channel for Bell Media; available to Bell customers mid-August.

Super Truck on Urbanspoon


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