Nomade So6 Food Truck Review

Overall rating: 3.9/5

On Friday, July 5th, Montreal’s “First Friday” food truck event took place at Parc Olympique. Hundreds of people packed into the park to get their fix for delectable street food. It was our first time attending and while the live DJ and great food was definitely fun, the VERY long lines and wait time (20 – 45 minutes) made it difficult to sample many of the trucks. The vendors were certainly doing their best to accommodate the hungry crowd, but if you’re planning to go sample the 20 or so vendors here, some words of advice: 1. get there early (starts at 4pm), and 2. come with a group of friends and split yourselves up to wait in line and order for each other.

First Friday Food Trucks in Montreal

First Friday Food Trucks in Montreal – Parc Olympique

While starving and eager for food, we decided to try Nomade So6. I’ve heard of their gourmet sausages and having tried Chaud Dogs and loved it – was eager to try out their menu.

Nomade So6 Food Truck

Nomade So6 Food Truck

Of course I opted to try the cheddar-bacon sausage (two of my favorite things); Mark decided to go with the smoked meat option (one of his favorite things).

Nomade So6 Menu

Nomade So6 Menu

The cheddar-bacon sausage ($8) included: 2 medium-size links, creamy green onion sour cream, and 1 deliciously deep fried slice of onion topped with more cheddar cheese and fried onion bits. I have to give Nomade So6 the benefit of the doubt here given the very large crowd and their efforts to serve customers as quickly and efficiently as possible (which they did a pretty great job of doing). The sausage tasted delicious; there was a hint of bacon and gooey melted cheese –  a perfect balance and combination of flavors. The only problem was that it was room temperature and the casings were a little tough to bite through. The deep friend onion tasted fantastic, and was a smart and creative compliment to the sausage. I could have easily devoured a few more of those onions!

Nomade So6 Bacon Cheddar Sausage

Nomade So6 Bacon Cheddar Sausage

Mark’s smoked meat sausage ($8) included: 2 medium-size links; a dill, cucumber, and pickle salad, with homemade deep-fried chips. The sausage was a bit on the dry side and also room-temperature; however, did taste like smoked meat. The salad was fresh and crunchy and had a strong dill / pickle taste. The house chips were not as crispy as he would’ve liked and there wasn’t much salt, but certainly added a nice crunch to the overall dish.

Nomade So6 Smoked Meat Sausage

Nomade So6 Smoked Meat Sausage

Nomade So6 Smoked Meat Sausage

Nomade So6 Smoked Meat Sausage

In conclusion: Nomade So6 offers some great-tasting gourmet sausages; however, I think we’ll have to try them again (on a regular day) and give them another shot. Due to the high volume of people being served, I don’t think we got the best representation of their food. The portion size was a little on the small side given the price, but the quality of ingredients was there (you can tell everything is made fresh). They offer a very creative and tasty menu that keeps sausage-lovers coming back for more. I’ll update this review upon our next visit so stay tuned!

UPDATE 1: They use only local, high quality ingredients (ie. pork shoulder from Gaspor farm) which is reflected in their prices. Supporting local farmers is something we definitely commend. As with many of the other trucks – you’re paying for quality here, not quantity!

Price: $$
Taste: 3.75/5
Food quality: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Portion Size: medium
Wait Time: 20 mins (at festival)
Time of day visited: 20:30



Twitter: @nomadeso6


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