Grumman’78 Food Truck Review

Overall rating: 4.1/5

On Saturday, we decided to enjoy the beautiful Montreal weather and hike up the ‘mountain’ to get some street food. After checking the food truck’s daily schedule, we noticed Grumman’78 (whom we’ve been eager to try) was planning to park themselves near the Kondiaronk lookout point at the top of the mountain. We figured we may as well work for our meal – we could use the exercise after eating so much street food lately, so off we went.

After sweating profusely for about 30 minutes, we finally made it. We didn’t see them parked within the lookout point area and weren’t sure exactly where they were, so we walked around to the other side of the building and low and behold – Grumman’78 was there.

Grumman'78 Food Truck

Grumman’78 Food Truck – Kondiaronk lookout, Mont-Royal Park

As we approached the truck, I noticed their menu was missing an item: the curry tacos. Too bad, because I had read such great reviews about them and was looking forward to trying them out. Instead, we both opted for the pork Banh Mi tacos and Hibiscus juice. Luckily, there was no line and the food was ready in about 5 minutes.

Grumman'78 Food Truck Menu

Grumman’78 Food Truck Menu

The Banh Mi tacos ($6 ea.) included no sides, or edible garnish – just the taco and a slice of lime. At first, we were a little surprised at how small the tacos actually were considering the price (the picture below is a little deceiving). I could easily eat 3-4 if I were starving and wanted a big meal. The (pulled) meat was very tender and marinated well with lots of flavor; the soft taco shell was fresh and slightly toasted (it was crunchy around the edges). Along with the meat, there was some pickled carrots and red onion, cilantro and sesame seeds which gave the taco a nice crunch and freshness. Overall, it tasted great and I’d order it again.

Grumman'78 Banh Mi Taco

Grumman’78 Banh Mi Taco

Grumman'78 Banh Mi Taco

Grumman’78 Banh Mi Taco

The hibiscus juice ($3) was served in a plastic bag with a long straw and twist tie wrapped around the straw / bag to keep it all together. I didn’t really know what to do with it; thinking everything would fall out if I put it on the ground. But, turns out the bag / straw just kind of stood up on it’s own – it’s pretty ingenious actually. The juice was sweet, but not too sweet – and had a hint of hibiscus flavor (for those of you who don’t know what that tastes like, it kind of tastes like sweet flowers lol; but not gross like plants, it was very pleasant). I really enjoyed the juice. It was incredibly refreshing and a much needed beverage after the ‘hike’ up the mountain.

Grumman'78 Hibiscus Juice

Grumman’78 Hibiscus Juice

In conclusion: Grumman’78 offers some great-tasting tacos, but can be quite expensive if you’re hungry. As with most of the other food trucks, they use quality ingredients which is reflected in their prices. Are they the best tacos we’ve ever tasted? Well, first off, they’re not your typical Mexican taco, and second, we haven’t been able to try their curry version yet – so we can’t say with certainty. We’ll have to do a 2nd run to try their other items. The Vietnamese Banh Mi taco was certainly delicious though, and we’d go back any day of the week to try some more flavorful treats.

If you’re interested in learning how to make their Banh Mi tacos yourselves, check out this article / recipe in the Gazette.

Price: $$
Taste: 4.2/5
Food quality: 4.2/5
Creativity: 3.75/5
Portion Size: small
Wait Time: 5 mins
Time of day visited: 14:00



Twitter: @Grumman78

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