Chaud Dogs Food Truck Review

Overall rating: 4.5/5

So I came home from work today to an apt without electricity. The forest fires up in northern Quebec continue to cause sporadic outages. After sitting on my balcony for about 20 minutes waiting for the power to come back on, I got SUPER lazy and was in absolutely no mood to cook dinner. Mark didn’t need a better excuse; so off we went to hunt down a new food truck.

We headed to Parc du Mont-Royal area. According to the daily schedule, Chaud Dogs was going to be there. I’ve been wanting to try their food since I read Sarah Musgrave’s review in the Montreal Gazette back in May. I’m a fan of hot dogs to begin with – gourmet / homemade hot dogs? Now you’re just getting crazy.

Chaud Dogs Food Truck

Chaud Dogs Food Truck

Thankfully there wasn’t a line-up when we arrived because I was starving. The dude who greeted us (wearing a huge hot dog hat btw) was extremely friendly and answered all our questions about the menu.

Chaud Dogs Menu

Chaud Dogs Menu

Their corn dog ($7) is the one “staple” item they offer, everything else changes at least once (to twice) a week! That means you’re sure to find something new almost every time you see them. Smart strategy to keep food lovers coming back for more.

I ordered the Caesar Dog with chips ($9 as a combo, $7 for just the dog): a tender beef and pork dog cooked to perfection, sandwiched between a freshly-baked, top-sliced, toasted hot dog bun, piled high with a creamy Caesar salad, and topped with fried chicken skins. The side of deep-fried, homemade chips were salted and crispy. This was far from your typical hot dog. My reaction to the first bite: OMG. Everything from top to bottom was insanely fresh. I let Mark have a bite (only one lol) and he loved it just the same. This is definitely not a meal to eat on a date though. Everything kept falling off, and I ended up just shoving all the fallen bits into my mouth with my fingers (very lady-like I know).

Chaud Dogs Caesar Dog

Chaud Dogs Caesar Dog

Mark ordered the Chaud Dog Corn Dog with chips ($9 as a combo, $7 for just the corn dog): same homemade hot dog, dipped in a sweet, light, moist, batter – deep friend golden brown, with a side of their homemade chips. I have to confess, I’ve NEVER eaten a corn dog / pogo (I know, crazy right?) so I had nothing to compare this to. But this was good, like really good. It wasn’t greasy, chewy, or flaky, it was a perfect combination between meat and batter. It was decent in size, but compared to my Caesar Dog meal it was pricier for the quantity you got. Mark has eaten plenty of corn dogs in his day, and he said it’s definitely one of the best corn dogs he’s ever had.

Chaud Dogs Corn Dog

Chaud Dogs Corn Dog

Mark was still hungry after his first meal and wanted to get something else. So, he decided to order his own Caesar Dog (partly because he doesn’t like tomatoes – which the other dog had, partly because he was a little jealous of my meal). We also ordered their soda ($3). I thought they had all different flavors, but turns out all those flavors are in 1 drink. It tasted great but was bit too sweet for me. It’s a nice combination of: sweet, tangy, slight lemon flavor, with hint of basil / mint.

Chaud Dogs Soda

Chaud Dogs Soda

In conclusion: Chaud Dogs was just as good as I had hoped, if not better. They were very friendly and their food is delish! The Caesar Dog was new to their menu and I told them to think about keeping it as a staple. Apparently they’ve received a lot of compliments and they’re thinking about it (I’m keeping my fingers crossed). I didn’t try their house mustard / ketchup but will certainly do so next time. I can’t wait to go back to these guys to see what other creative dogs they come up with. Definitely worth the money.

Price: $
Taste: 4.5/5
Food quality: 4.5/5
Creativity: 4.5/5
Portion Size: medium
Wait Time: 5 mins
Time of day visited: 20:00



Twitter: @chauddogs


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