Route 27 Food Truck Review

Overall rating: 4.2/5

After eating some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from P.A.& Gargantua and fresh naanwich’s from Phoenix 1, we headed to another hot spot in search of more food trucks. Place du Canada has a designated spot on de la Cathédrale (just south of René-Lévesque) where you can usually find at least 1 vendor. Low and behold, Route 27 was there when we arrived.

Route 27 Food Truck

Route 27 Food Truck

Their specialty is meat and fish tartare and offer a creative menu for those wanting a healthy alternative to usually unhealthy food truck options. While I am definitely not a vegetarian, I tend to prefer my meats cooked (fish is an exception) and so Mark stepped up to the plate (very willingly I might add) to give them a try.

Their menu selection includes beef ($8-$10) and various types of fish ($8-$14) tartare with some pretty awesome side options that I’ll have to try next time I see them (sweet potato fries ($5), Parmesan and truffle fries ($6), quinoa and cranberry salad ($6)).

Route 27 Menu

Route 27 Menu

Mark ordered the beef tartare roll “hot dog style” ($8): a small top sliced toasted hot-dog bun filled with beef tartare (he thinks it’s a classic-style tartare but has a slightly relish flavor), topped with crispy potato chips and chives. The beef was soft and fresh and the chips and toasted bun gave it that added crunch which was a nice touch. The portion size was slightly on the small side (at least for the “hot dog style” beef dish) given the price, but you’re paying for quality food here – not quantity.

Route 27 beef "hot dog style" tartare

Route 27 beef “hot dog style” tartare

He also ordered their basil lemonade ($2) which was incredibly refreshing. The basil was quite strong, but as a fan of the herb I didn’t find it too overpowering. After a long day of walking I was super thirsty and pretty much polished that off in 30 seconds. Thanks Mark! 🙂

In conclusion: the food quality was great and a nice healthy alternative to typical street food, but can cost you if you’re a hungry hippo. Their menu is a close extension of their Marche 27 Express restaurant and offers tartare lovers quick access to their beloved creations. I’ll have to try some of their fish next time (I was far too full from our earlier truck stops) and will provide some updates on this review upon my return. À tantôt!

Price: $$$
Taste: 3.75/5
Food quality: 4.25/5
Creativity: 4.5/5
Portion Size: small
Wait Time: 5 mins
Time of day visited: 14:30



Twitter: @Route27foodtruc

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