On a hunt to find food trucks

On Tuesday May 7, 2013, a long over-due 66 year ban on food trucks in Montreal officially came to an end. Mayor Michael Applebaum announced the nine locations food trucks in Montreal would be able to park their trucks and offer delicious concoctions to eager diners around the city. As a native to Toronto, I’ve always had a soft spot for late night street meat. Sometimes you just want to eat good food truck food; and I couldn’t have been more excited Montreal finally jumped on board.

2 months and 2 food truck hunts later, I’ve been able to find but only one of the 30 or so food trucks approved. I’m determined to track down and try every available street vendor, if only I can find out where they are. Yes, websites (like streetfoodmtl.com and cuisinederue.org) offer schedules and locations of these illusive eateries, but my previous two attempts to find them according to the information from these websites have failed (and yes, I know how to read maps!). Is anyone else having difficulty finding food trucks in Montreal?

July 1st – Canada Day. I’m hoping today’s holiday will bring out all the trucks in town.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for a full review.


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